There are already rumblings about Adam’s captaincy as the team don’t like the extra practices.

Radio Times: Lilian gets an uncomfortable update.

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  • Jolene visits Lilian to report back on her visit to Matt. She tries to make it sound okay but there is no denying he is in a bad way. Lilian feels she should never have left him and worries what to do next. Jolene is sure he still cares but Lilian isn’t so sure.
  • Jennifer tells Adam that she is worried about Matt – not only has he sold the pictures without telling Lilian he now seems to be selling his very expensive wine collection. Some of the bottles could be worth thousands of pounds. He ought to be talking to Lilian
  • Adam is more interested in the cricket. He’s arranged another nets practise which he tells Jennifer will help him relax. Tom and David are less sure. They used to enjoy nets – chance for a chat and a pint but now it’s too much like hard work.

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