Matt is clearly up to another business deal. Joe tells Jim the whole history about Usha and Shula.

Radio Times: Jolene steps into the breach.

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  • Tony is helping Jim look at his new car when he starts talking about the problems when two boring people end up married, especially if you have to live around them. He rather loses Tony when discussing philosophy though.
  • Over a pint of cider, Joe spills the history with Usha and Shula and the story in the Echo. This gives Jim the opportunity to wind Alistair up about the whole thing. Alistair threatens Jim if he ever brings it up with Shula and he says he won’t – because it’s a pity, it’s the most interesting thing he’s heard about her.
  • Jolene goes to visit Matt. She tries to persuade Matt that Lilian loves him but he’s really not interested. He thinks she is better off at Home Farm where they can look after her. He is no good to her right now. She spends some time tidying up for him when she comes across a huge stack of wine – but he promises he is planning to sell it. He is sorting things. He doesn’t need help. When she finally leaves, he gets a “business call” from Terry.

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