Elizabeth is still refusing to countenance getting in any extra help at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Kenton is on his best behaviour while Nic and Clarrie have a laugh.

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  • The WI are off to visit an artisan bakery but Jill can’t make it. She has to look after Elizabeth. Everyone is trying to persuade her to take things easier. Nic does well at the bread making though.
  • The wedding is off to a good start with a vast extravagant mass of flowers. They’ll need Eileen Titcombe’s advice on removing pollen stains. The only problem seems to be the lack of a vegan pudding but that is sorted with a festive baked apple. Overall, it was a triumph.
  • Elizabeth is still resisting getting people into help at Lower Loxley and has a tantrum which Jill manages to distract by pointing to the wedding photos.
  • After the wedding Kenton turns up at the Bull with Valentine decorations but Fallon has beaten him to it. She’s got everything out of storage and designed a range of Cupid’s Cocktails. Jolene admits the reason she was down about is because Valentine’s Day is the day Sid proposed.

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