Kenton has made the final preparations for the wedding but Elizabeth won’t stay out of it.

Radio Times: Elizabeth throws herself into her work and Matt asks a favour.

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  • Kate suddenly seems to be being conscientious about college, much to Brian’s surprise. He’s off for lunch with the BL Board to discuss what happens if the planning application for the market is rejected.
  • Elizabeth now wants David to turn his hand to pruning the grapes and distributing the wine. She’s also still expecting Kenton to deal with the wedding. They both need her to slow down. Such a contrast to Jolene who doesn’t seem to be able to summon the energy to do anything at all. Kenton thinks he’s got it finally sorted and he’s arranged for Jill to keep Elizabeth to keep her company.
  • Jennifer takes a phone call from Matt and asks him why Lilian is down in the dumps but Matt says it’s the first he’s heard of it. He turns up later for a visit to find out how the BL meeting went. And to try to cadge a days shooting – but out of season. Brian won’t have any of it. It’s against the law.

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