Helen plans to move back to the flat and Tony over reacts again.

Radio Times: Helen makes an announcement and there is an awkward encounter for Kenton.

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  • Kenton bumps into Kathy and realises when Clarrie mentions it that he has forgotten her birthday. She’s determined to play the martyr by not going to the Bull because Kenton will be there.
  • Things are still pretty grim at Lower Loxley. In a funny way the children are coping better than Elizabeth. At least they talk about Nigel and sometimes cry whereas Elizabeth seems to be terrified to let go
  • Pat and Tony are going to Salzburg for his 60th – a present from Helen. Tony isn’t really keen; he doesn’t seem to want to leave Helen on her own. But she seems to be coping well and is very happy and relaxed. Pat tries to persuade Kathy to go to the Bull too but no luck. She also asks her to come round to meet Henry but Kathy is obviously still wounded by the “once a week for supper” comment and won’t budge.
  • Helen tells Tony she is planning to go back to the flat this week. It sends Tony into a panic and says she should stay at the farm for at least a few weeks – at least until she can drive. Pat is surprised too but doesn’t react to it in the same way. Helen will do what she wants to do. Fact of life.
  • The Bull is very quiet. The Farmhouse Breakfast effect seems to have boosted trade all of last week but it’s dead again now. When Kenton suggests she thinks about Valentine’s Day she reacts against the relentlessness of it all. It’s just one thing after another.

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