Elizabeth makes her peace with Caroline.

Radio Times: Caroline is in a bad mood, while Lynda receives exciting news.

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  • Joy unrestrained is the mood at Lower Loxley. Elizabeth had not been at all sure that Roy would accept her offer because he was happy at Grey Gables. Just knowing that he is coming in a month’s time has taken a weight off Elizabeth and she feels she can get through Easter without agency help. Jill is still critical of Kenton’s relationship with Jolene but she has more immediate concerns: catering for the GQT recording on Monday and Elizabeth’s birthday later in the week.
  • There’s trouble in the Brookfield dairy: last month’s milk yield was down and David is rather defensive about the blame falling on him.
  • Lynda has called on Jill to back out of catering for Monday’s recording: she is too busy, her garden having been chosen as a feature for the programme. Jill is delighted: there are so many volunteers to fill Bob Flowerdew with doughnuts that one less is a positive bonus.
  • Elizabeth felt that a personal visit to Caroline was the least she could do; she is sure that Caroline must feel she has repaid her kindness badly, by poaching Roy. They can be professional about it; ultimately it is Roy’s decision. They agree to keep it confidential until Caroline has decided what to do about replacing Roy. The visit has not lightened Caroline’s mood and she is very short with Lynda.
  • Jill calls at Brookfield to ask whether Josh would be interested in a Beekeepers Convention, also what they should do about Elizabeth’s birthday; she herself wants just to forget it. David suggests getting Kenton to ask the twins what they would like to do and Shula might advise on how Elizabeth is feeling.

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