Caroline solves Shula’s problem and Shula solves Elizabeth’s.

Radio Times: Jolene is caught red-handed and Shula encourages Elizabeth to think about the children.

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  • Ladies who lunch – that’s Caroline and Shula today; since Elizabeth is still worried about Caroline, Shula agrees to report back.
  • Fallon finds her mum outside with no plausible excuse; she’s been having a few puffs; don’t tell Kenton. Kathy is going to drop round and this fills Jolene with dread; she’s run out of things to say and can’t cope with Kathy – not without a cigarette.
  • Caroline admits to shock but not anger. She and Roy are keeping out of each other’s way; Roy seems embarrassed. Shula explains that Daniel wants to do work experience as a lawyer; the obvious place would be Usha’s firm but asking her would be awkward for Shula. But not, Caroline suggests, for Daniel; he should show initiative and ask her himself. Brilliant!
  • Jolene deftly deflects Kathy’s enquiries to Fallon: she might have more idea about how a teenager is thinking. Fallon relates her own experience about losing touch with her father. Jamie is so angry about Sid dying; he is probably feeling lonely. So Kathy should give him space but not stop trying altogether – or he will think she has given up on him. Fallon will keep Kathy posted on what he is doing.
  • Shula reports that Caroline is not best pleased but has put it behind her and is thinking about the future. They discuss the forthcoming birthday. Her sister understands that Elizabeth does not want to celebrate but she suggests a nice day out with the children. Maybe they could do that.

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