Clarrie moves to steer William from a confrontation over George and the new baby.

Radio Times: Will is not happy with what he hears and Usha faces a dilemma.

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  • The sun may be shining on the rest of Ambridge but Will carries his own black cloud wherever he goes; today, wherever he goes George goes too, because he is playing up and Emma cannot cope with both him and the new baby at today’s Fun Run. William does not waste the opportunity to criticise the way George is getting a rough deal with the new baby.
  • Before the Fun Run, Kenton has taken the twins shopping for their mum’s birthday present and they bump into Alan and Usha. Kenton so nearly gives away Roy’s imminent move to Lower Loxley. He suggests that Jolene might already have lapsed with her effort to give up smoking. However, you can always tell if a person has been smoking by kissing them – it’s a tough assignment but somebody has to do it.
  • In the village shop, Jolene has been shopping for extra strong mouthwash. Say no more! Hilary Noakes has been using the shop to canvass for the election, much to Susan’s disgust.
  • George is not keen on his packed lunch; mummy didn’t make it right. So Will spoils him with crisps. He asks if he can come and live with his dad: he doesn’t like the new baby. Will reckons he will like her more when she gets bigger, though it doesn’t seem to have worked that way for him and Ed.
  • Daniel has been to see Usha about work experience and she was impressed by his preparation and confidence. She just worries whether Shula is happy about the idea but Alan assures her that she would have told Daniel if not; this could be a very good thing for all of them.
  • Will is set on confronting Emma and Ed with his concerns about George but Clarrie steers him away; she will have a word with them.

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