Clarrie suggests a way that Ed could make things better for George.

Radio Times: Peggy feels flustered, while Clarrie makes a point.

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  • Vicky seeks Peggy’s advice on her question for GQT – whether Joe’s mistletoe propagation kits could work. Peggy thinks it’s a very good question but she should keep it to herself for now.
  • Clarrie wants a word with Ed. When he discovers that the source of her concerns is William, his hackles rise. She has got it wrong: Emma is trying to involve George with looking after Keira rather than shutting him out. Clarrie presses the point that to George it seems like he is being punished – and it’s all the baby’s fault so the sooner she goes back the better; until she does, he wants to live at Casa Nueva. That’s certainly not what Ed wants; he loves George just as much as Keira.
  • At The Laurels, Elona recommends that Peggy takes Jack for a walk in the garden and Ted suggest that he and Violet come too; Peggy firmly shuts the door on that idea. He concludes that Peggy’s coldness must be directed towards him but Elona recommends that he should not give up trying to be friendly – not yet.
  • Having convinced her son that he does have a problem, Clarrie suggests a solution. She agrees that Emma has her hands full at the moment, so it falls to Ed to make a fuss of George and do ‘grown up’ things with him.

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