Ambridge is in a state of high alert for GQT. Elona tries to bring about a reconciliation. Caroline makes a business decision and Oliver is not pleased.

Radio Times: Oliver has cause for complaint, and Peggy’s little deception is discovered.

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  • Elona is saddened by Peggy’s refusal even to have a cup of tea with Ted, and tries to persuade Peggy to change her mind, but she is adamant. Jack must come first. Anything else would be disloyal.
  • Clarrie calls to see Kathy, and is sympathetic when Kathy voices her fears that the rift between her and Jamie might never be healed. But Fallon has been a real help, and when Kathy remembers Clarrie’s worries when Ed went missing, she apologises for off-loading her own worries
  • Relations between Oliver and Caroline are somewhat strained when Oliver discovers Caroline has decided to take on Roy’s work herself. Oliver fears that they will have no time to spend together, and that Caroline will always be tired and stressed. When Jill rings to ask where spare light-bulbs for the village hall are kept, Oliver seizes the opportunity to escape.
  • As Elona and Peggy sort Jack’s clothes out, Elona tries again to encourage Peggy to heal the rift with Ted. All he wants is friendship and support, she says. But Peggy continues to insist it would not be appropriate.
  • Caroline apologises for making a business decision without consulting Oliver, and they finally agree to give the proposed arrangement a six month trial. Oliver is relieved; he loves Caroline and wants them to have time to travel the world.
  • Peggy has dared to defy Jill’s orders about cakes for Gardeners’ Question Time. She has baked an organic one especially for Bob Flowerdew, but tries to keep it hidden. A strident Jill calls at the Lodge demanding tea and biscuits, discovering the organic cake in the process.

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