Ambridge’s gardeners enjoy a rare treat.

Radio Times: There is a special event at the village hall, and Vicky is determined to have her say.

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  • There is great excitement in Ambridge as the day for the recording of Gardeners’ Question Time arrives. Lynda is dressed up to the nines in preparation for Matthew Wilson’s visit to her low allergen garden; Jill is deluged with cakes and shrieks incessantly, while Vicky can scarcely speak in anticipation of asking her question about mistletoe. When Eric Robson calls at the shop for a bar of chocolate, Vicky is in seventh Heaven.
  • As there is such a surfeit of cake, Jill offers it to the audience, and Joe is first (and last) in line for it. Having heard the subject of Vicky’s question, however, he is determined to gag her, and when she goes to the ladies, he locks her out of the hall. She is rescued by Lilian.
  • Lilian returns from The Bull to find Vicky climbing in the kitchen window. Joe has managed to lock her out yet again. She returns to the hall just in time to ask her question.
  • Everyone agrees the event has been a great success. Eric Robson even tells Jill how much Bob Flowerdew liked Peggy’s organic cake. Jim, Jill, Neil, Sabrina and of course Vicky have all had their questions answered, and Lynda gushingly introduces Vicky to Matthew. In return, a flustered Vicky tells Lynda about Roy’s new job. Joe has met his horticultural Waterloo.

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