Lynda makes plans for the future. Jamie makes trouble for Jolene. Peggy makes an effort to renew a friendship.

Radio Times: Lynda is quick off the mark and Peggy takes Elona’s advice.

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  • Jamie has a massive hangover following a very late night. Fallon does her best to cure it, but is concerned that he will not be up in time for his shift. Later she catches Jolene at the cigarette machine, but Jolene denies that she is smoking. Like Fallon, she is worried about Jamie, wondering where he was until 5 am and how he got back.
  • As Lilian takes Peggy to the Laurels, she tells her about Vicky and Joe at the BBC recording. They are greeted by Ted, and this time Peggy is noticeably warmer towards him. She even agrees to go and have a cup of tea with him afterwards.
  • As soon as Caroline arrives for work she is assailed by Lynda, wishing to register her interest in Roy’s job. Caroline says she will tell the staff her plans as soon as Roy returns from leave. Stressing her reliability and discretion, Lynda seems satisfied, but Caroline sees it as yet another problem. Later Peggy and Ted enjoy a cup of tea there, but Peggy thinks Caroline is looking stressed. Ted is giving a talk to his U3A group and asks Peggy if she would like to come. Yes, she says. I’ll come if I can.
  • Lilian tells Jolene about Vicky, and offers her a cigarette. Jolene is reluctant at first, but Lilian’s psychology wins the day. She accepts Lilian’s packet of cigarettes as an emotional prop.
  • All Fallon’s efforts fail to get Jamie up, so Jolene tries. She is rather less sympathetic that her daughter. You have 10 minutes, she tells him. You wanted the job so get on with it.
  • Lynda insists on giving Peggy a copy of her election leaflet. She is spending her lunch break on making notes for the book club meeting, and updating her CV, though, as she tells Peggy, this is very hush-hush.

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