Jolene’s finds something missing from her bag and someone missing from The Bull.

Radio Times: There is someone missing from The Bull. Meanwhile, Jolene is worried that her secret may be revealed.

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  • Kenton, who appears to have forgotten all about Jaxx, is shopping for Monte Carlo and waxing lyrical about its charms. Elizabeth says she is delighted for him; Kenton wishes Jill felt the same.
  • When Kenton goes to The Bull, Jolene is rather tense, trying to conceal her cigarettes from him. She tells him about Jamie, but refuses Kenton’s offer to speak to him. When Kenton says he intends to spend the evening with Elizabeth, Jolene seems quite keen, but her plans for a crafty cigarette are almost foiled by Clarrie, who drones on about the new baby and Joe. When Jolene does find herself alone, her cigarettes have disappeared from her bag.
  • Kathy arrives home from work to find the house in uproar. Jamie has been home, left the kitchen in a mess, had some sleep, dumped his dirty clothes and disappeared. When her phone rings, it’s Jolene. She thought Jamie was sleeping in again, as he failed to show up for his shift, but his bed has not been slept in.
  • Jolene rings Kenton to tell him the latest about Jamie, and in a state of acute nicotine starvation, asks whether he has taken anything from her bag. She pretends it is just lip-gloss.
  • Kathy wavers between anger and distress as there is no word from Jamie. Clarrie consoles her with the thought that he is eating and sleeping, so must be all right. But Kathy has no idea what to do.

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