David worries over the cows. Kathy worries over Jamie. Jill worries over Kenton

Radio Times: Kathy faces an anxious wait and Jill is worried about her sons.

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  • Jill calls at Lower Loxley to find that the twins have brought Elizabeth breakfast in bed. With Mrs Pugsley’s help they have even arranged a picnic for her. When Elizabeth asks if she can come with Jill to put flowers on Phil’s grave for his birthday, Jill is moved to tears. How proud Phil and Nigel would have been of Elizabeth.
  • As the Parish Council election campaign hots up, Lynda is deluging the village with her election address. Clarrie notes that all copies seem to have disappeared from the shop, though a copy of Neil’s is in the window. Shula sneers at Lilian’s address, and smugly tells Clarrie about Daniel’s work experience and hard work for his GCSEs.
  • Falling milk yields and profits are a source of concern to David, who just cannot understand them. Jill, rushing between a shift at the shop, Friday’s walk of witness, Lower Loxley, The Stables and the Brookfield vegetable patch, in the manner of all elderly ladies, suggests that he and Ruth sit down and discuss it.
  • Sick with worry, Kathy rings to say she won’t be in to work. Clarrie calls her to ask if there is any news, but there is none. She eventually rings Marty’s mother, and learns that Jamie has spent a few nights there, but the other mother is not concerned. Clarrie urges patience.
  • Jill and Shula discuss Kenton. Jill feels he never considers the long-term consequences. Shula says he is hurt by Jill’s attitude. They should let Kenton and Jolene get on with it and see if it works out.

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