Elizabeth rants over Nigel’s arrest for drink driving. Kenton borrows his car.

Radio Times: It’s a bad day at Lower Loxley.

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  • At Lower Loxley the nursery is empty; the twins have not yet appeared. Hayley is waiting for a good moment to break in on Elizabeth as she rages at Nigel.
  • He must have realised! No, he had a glass or two earlier, then just mineral water. He was stopped for driving rather slowly, just being careful. Elizabeth had noticed the MD of the guests quietly topping up his glass. After just three hours sleep, she does not feel inclined to go shopping with Debbie. (That’s lucky, Debbie probably doesn’t either!) Hayley decides that maybe it is time to rescue Nigel but finds that the twins are still asleep.
  • Having got no answer on the phone, Elizabeth calls on Debbie only to be greeted by her brother in his boxer shorts. Kenton will give Debbie the message when she wakes. Elizabeth is not very receptive to “poor old Nigel” remarks! Kenton, out of the goodness of his heart, volunteers to collect Nigel’s car – and since Nigel won’t be needing it, to hang on to it for a while.
  • Shula has brought Daniel over and has had the story from Kathy. Nigel confides that he is worried about Lizzie’s reaction – so angry. He was the one telling her to calm down for the good of her health, now he has made her more angry. She returns and Nigel is banished to the photocopier. Nigel is not the only man her life who is causing her grief. Elizabeth has been talking to Kathy too; if Shula thinks that Kenton will be moving in with Kathy, she shouldn’t hold her breath.

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