Caroline is thinking of moving in with Oliver. Kenton still faces homelessness.

Radio Times: Kenton is getting in the way.

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  • Kenton and Shula are talking about Nigel and how Shula had been banned in years past. She has never risked it again and neither should Nigel. Kenton didn’t get the health club job. Its alright for Shula, with her big house and her stables. Shula says it hasn’t always been like that [like when!] but Kenton is determined to feel sorry for himself. He’s the one who is going to be homeless at the end of the week. And no chance of moving in with Kathy either.
  • Oliver and Caroline come across Debbie at an antique fair. She is looking for a welcome home present for Adam. She hasn’t seen him for years although Jennifer and Brian saw him at Nolly’s christening. Alice is certainly looking forward to it. She is going to be in a pony competition. Maybe Oliver and Caroline will go to watch.
  • Brookfield will probably start lambing tomorrow. They will certainly miss Chaba when he goes. Maybe they should get another student. But they need to sort out Midsummer Meadow first. At least Elizabeth will have something else to worry about now with Nigel losing his licence.
  • Debbie is feeling sorry for Kenton but Shula is not so sympathetic. Kenton can’t be blamed for not settling for any old job but he’s got to start somewhere.
  • Caroline is thinking about moving in with Oliver. She’s always been attached to the Dower House because of Guy but maybe now is the time to move on.
  • David and Ruth are having a drink in the Bull when Kenton comes to join them. David wants him to move but when he won’t, they go to sit somewhere else instead – leaving Kenton to drown his sorrows.

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