Phil is not convinced about Matt’s plans for Midsummer Meadow; Matt is in rather indecent haste.

Radio Times: Phil smells a rat.

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  • Jennifer has got the decorators in to do Adam’s room but Brian thinks she is making too much fuss since they don’t even know how long he is staying. He’s been rather vague about his plans.
  • Phil bumps into Matt having a look at Midsummer Meadow with his fencer to see what needs to be done to turn it into paddocks. The deal should all be done and dusted in a couple weeks.
  • Jill is suffering from the builders. Diggers going all day. So she’s popped into the Bull for a coffee. The computers seem popular, even Mr Pullen is having a go but Jennifer is disappointed Peggy won’t give it a chance. Jill is still worried about Kenton, he seems to have the knack of outstaying his welcome and some of the jobs he’s been applying for – well. But Jennifer thinks he might settle down. Look at Kate, so unreliable and now she seems really settled.
  • Matt calls David to tell him they should push for exchange of contracts as soon as possible. Matt tries to persuade David that he doesn’t want lawyers holding things up. Brian wants David to go for a drink but he is too tied up with lambing. He is anxious to find out about Adam’s plans. He has no idea how Adam will react. He may take against him. He’s been trying to talk to him but he is hard to get hold of.
  • In one of the Archers’ great radio moments, Phil and Jill are putting together the edge pieces of a jigsaw. Phil isn’t convinced that the bloke with Matt was a fencing contractor. He seemed too “smart”. They wouldn’t put it past him to be up to something but it doesn’t seem likely that he could get planning permission to build anything – unless he’s bribed someone. Phil might go and have a word with George. He is hot on these things and the more Phil thinks about it, there is something not quite right about this deal.

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