Elizabeth’s plans fail to work out.

Radio Times: Freddie is furious when a change of plan is made at the last minute, and Roy makes a compromise to solve the problem.

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  • Roy is in his element gliding around Lower Loxley, charming the conference guests and basking in the huge hug Jessica gave him for saving the falcons from a life of homelessness. He is doing so well, in fact, that Elizabeth decides to take the whole day off.
  • Longing to see the new puppy at Brookfield, poor Freddie is devastated to learn that he is doing no such thing; Elizabeth has arranged a chauffeur-driven day at the water park instead. Lily wastes no time in telling Freddie what a pathetic specimen he is. Matters are not helped by the arrival of a text and photo of the puppy from Brookfield.
  • David has wasted no time, either, but sets about puppy training Tig. Ruth is angry with Elizabeth when she learns that Freddie is not coming; she thinks it is wrong to use the children in this way. Meanwhile Open Farm Sunday remains a problem; no-one seems to be willing to host it. David decides to try the personal approach.
  • The Pargetter treat proves a total failure. Heavy traffic means they have to abandon their visit to the water park and go home. On his return, Freddie shows Roy the photo of Tig, and Roy, unaware of Elizabeth’s machinations, offers to drive him there tomorrow.
  • David calls on Brian to ask if he would host OFS. Brian is not keen, but agrees to speak to Adam.

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