Jolene has an idea which is well received. Pip has an idea which is gratefully received.

Radio Times: Jolene makes an unexpected offer, and Matt reveals his sources.

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  • Matt and Brian have a meeting to discuss the BL planning application. Brian finds Matt gardening; he claims it helps to get his thoughts in order, a trick he learnt thanks to his time at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Brian is sick of taking phone calls from the various aspiring suitors of his strawberry pickers.
  • Smug Pip takes a break from her hours of revision to help David move the cows. She insists on reciting what she has learnt. Fortunately they are interrupted by Kenton, returning extension leads he borrowed for the Single Wicket. With massive lack of grace, David refuses to enter into any conversation, though does enquire who will be bringing Freddie when he comes to see the pup.
  • Brian voices his concerns over the planning application, but Matt claims inside information in the form of one Penny Marsh, who sits on the development sub-committee. Brian is interested, but insists that Annabelle should be a party to any discussion with her.
  • Jolene and Kenton look forward to a day out together, but end up not doing much. Jolene is concerned over Kenton’s family fall-out, and tells him she will always be there for him.
  • Pip suggests that they cancel Open Farm Sunday since David is so lacking in enthusiasm for it. At first he refuses to cancel, but when Pip says she and Ruth will see if someone else could host it, David seems almost cheerful.
  • Jolene makes Kenton a tentative offer; would he like to move in? At first Kenton is almost speechless, but then says he would love to; it feels like home and it is the place he wants to be. But as things are, he dare not leave Elizabeth. Jolene tells him to take as long as he wants. She will wait.

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