The Carters fight it out in the cricket stakes while Harry and Jazzer fight it out in the chat-up stakes.

Radio Times: Harry and Jazzer go head to head, and family rivalries arise at the single wicket competition.

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  • Ambridge’s micro-climate ensures that the Single Wicket competition takes place in sunshine, while the rest of England endures a wet Bank Holiday. With Kenton on the tannoy, Neil and Harry battle it out in the semi-finals. Silent newcomer Tilly Button seeks refuge in the umpires’ room with a book.
  • While Tilly blots out cricket with a book, Susan is not so lucky. Jennifer’s choice of roistering rural romance has been snaffled by Emma. But Neil wins his place in the finals, against Christopher, so Susan must give all her attention to the cricket field.
  • Relentless in his pursuit of a pretty face, and undismayed by having been ejected from the strawberry pickers’ barbecue, Jazzer tries to charm Zofia, who finds his accent puzzling. To Jazzer’s fury, they are joined by Harry, who is also smitten. Harry’s chat-up line is somewhat less obvious and noticeably less crude.
  • Christopher wins the trophy, though Susan thinks he should have dropped the catch deliberately. No, says Neil, I taught Christopher everything he knows about cricket. The trophy is half mine.

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