Elizabeth relents over the falcons but not over the family rift.

Radio Times: Shula reflects on the situation, and Josh puts his powers of persuasion to the test.

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  • Josh badgers David into coming down to the yard for some halter-training in preparation for the Three Counties Show. He wants to take a day off school to lead the Herefords in the ring himself, but despite a barrage of arguments, David stands firm. Josh must go to school. Meanwhile Josh is excited at the prospect of the new sheepdog puppy they are getting.
  • Since Oliver is tied up with preparations for the Puppy Show, Caroline goes riding with Shula. They meet Josh and David, but clearly David is in no mood for conversation. Shula tells Caroline how distressed Jill is over the family rift.
  • Lewis has some good news for Elizabeth; he has sold a dozen cases of wine and with plans for Wine Week almost finished, it looks as though it will be a success. Elizabeth asks Lewis what he thinks about Roy’s suggestion regarding the falcons. Lewis thinks there was no point in hiring Roy if they ignored his suggestions. Roy has done his homework, and the figures look good. Elizabeth is very relieved; she has just told Jessica she can stay for another year. Freddie will be pleased; he loves all animals and has a real way with them.
  • Shula and Caroline recall their own feelings when they were widowed, and realise that grief takes many forms. Shula is concerned that Elizabeth is driving the family away, and particularly about the effect this will have on the twins, who are close to their cousins.
  • Freddie has heard about the Brookfield pup and told Lewis he will be going over to see it at half-term. But when Lewis casually mentions this to Elizabeth, she makes it very clear that Freddie is mistaken. She has not said he can go to Brookfield.

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