Elizabeth starts to think about the future.

Radio Times: Roy is proving to be invaluable and Elizabeth has an inspired idea.

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  • Usha calls at Brookfield to ask how the inquest went. Ruth tells her that David refuses to say much, but Elizabeth seems to be doing well. David comes into the farmhouse to say that now the potato planting is under way, he will go to Lower Loxley. As he leaves, Ruth admits to Usha that she thinks he spends far too much time there.
  • Elizabeth is very impressed with what Roy has achieved, and is pleased when Roy tells her how much he has enjoyed working there. This starts Elizabeth thinking.
  • Shula has also decided to see how Elizabeth is, and is shocked when Elizabeth tells her she would like to offer Roy a permanent job at Lower Loxley. Self-righteously Shula tells her it would not right to poach Roy from Caroline, who has been so kind.
  • When David arrives, Shula is quick to tell him about Elizabeth’s plans and how unethical they are. David retorts that it would be far easier for Caroline to recruit a new manager than for Elizabeth. Roy can choose who he works for. What is unethical about that?

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