Jamie makes his feelings for Jolene clear. Kenton makes his feelings for Jolene even clearer.

Radio Times: Kenton is full of surprises and Jennifer meets Peggy’s new friend.

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  • Fallon gets a text from Jamie to say he’s coning straight from school because he has to get home to revise for a test. Jolene is sure Kathy is trying to stop him spending time at The Bull. When Jamie arrives he is very cool towards Jolene, who hurries down to the bar, out of his way.
  • Jennifer’s head is full of the clothes she will need to take to South Africa, though, as she airily tells Peggy, she can always buy more out there. She meets Elona, and seems impressed. Peggy is noticeably more relaxed knowing that Elona is looking after Jack.
  • Fallon’s knowledge of GCSE Science is put to the test as she helps Jamie revise, but when he comes to leave, he is very rude to Jolene. Jolene tries to explain that no-one can take Sid’s place, but all Jamie’s anger and hurt come out. Jolene tells him she wants him to keep coming to The Bull, and that he will always be welcome.
  • After Jamie leaves, Jolene and Fallon talk things over. Fallon is not happy that her mother has spoken to him; she thinks it would be better to leave things to her, and she is also worried about Kathy’s response.
  • Kenton interrupts their discussion, and gives Jolene a book. Afraid it might be Jim’s choice for the book club, she opens it to find a guide to Monte Carlo. Kenton has booked a holiday for them both and has already organised cover with Fallon and Kirsty. He is rewarded with a very public kiss; people will just have to get used to that.

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