Jamie tells Kathy a few home truths. Roy tells Hayley a piece of good news.

Radio Times: Kathy plays a dangerous game, while Roy and Hayley have a lot to think about.

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  • Jim tells Hayley about Gardeners’ Question Time. She knows that Vicky wants to ask a question, but Jim reminds her that the committee will decide who does that. At that moment the chief committee member comes by. Lynda wants to call a meeting for Sunday, but Jim is otherwise engaged, in teaching Joe and Eddie a lesson.
  • Lynda is devastated when she finds peregrine eggs on the path. She fears the parent birds may have left the nest. But she is even more devastated when Jim tells her she is an April Fool; his choice of Ovid was a wind-up. Lynda is most definitely not amused.
  • Elizabeth tells Roy he can leave early, and thanks him again for all his work; nervously she broaches the subject of appointing him as manager. Roy is speechless, but hurries home to tell Hayley.
  • In a very different mood from last night, Jamie calls at the Bull to tell Fallon about his test, and is pleasant to Jolene. She asks if he would like to stay for something to eat, and he gratefully accepts since Kathy is working. Jolene insists that he must text Kathy to tell her.
  • Hayley can see all the positives in Elizabeth’s offer, but Roy refuses to let Caroline down; after all, she gave him his first job and taught him everything. But Hayley makes him see what a wonderful opportunity this could be. He will never get another offer like this.
  • Kathy returns early and rings Jamie to find out where he is. She rushes to the Bull, orders Jamie into the car and proceeds to give Jolene a very unpleasant earful. When she has finished, Jamie tells her he is going back to the Bull. He tells Kathy she is incapable of seeing what she does to people. Sid and Kenton preferred Jolene, and so does Jamie. He storms back to the Bull, leaving Kathy to leave a sad apology on his unanswered mobile.

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