Elizabeth wants Kathy to speak to Beverley and Brian loses the estate contract with immediate effect

Radio Times: Brian is stabbed in the back.

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  • Another Borchester Land meeting and another opportunity for Brian to have cause to wonder what led him to get into bed with a group of people so willing to do him over at every opportunity. The sub-committee tasked with deciding the estate’s future has decided that Brian isn’t the best person to farm it and, despite his protestations about the economics of modern farming, have decided to remove it from him with immediate effect and turn it over to a large-scale contract farm. He’s livid and highly defensive, but unable to do anything about it. Matt even deigns to abstain from the vote, but the deal is done and Brian is a loser. Again. When he reports back to Debbie she’s gobsmacked too. She suggests suing, but he doesn’t think it worthwhile. How they will honour their committment to the rental of new tackle is now a huge concern.
  • Elizabeth is unhappy at Beverley’s choice of caterers (friends of hers, apparently) but would rather Kathy had a word not her. Kathy, though, is very busy and doesn’t. With the news of the joy-riders in Ambridge last night, they wonder if there’s anything that they might be able to do to attract the children (with Sid and Nigel both interested in the remote car racing at the fete). One wonders whether the idea of a Teddy Bears’ Picnic would attract the joy-riders of Borsetshire ….