Brian’s worried about Matt’s motives and Ed and Fallon ride their joy home to Ambridge

Radio Times: It is nearly curtains for William.

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  • Alistair thinks the cow look okay this time round. They don’t want another year like last year. Ruth’s been telling parents the school is saved but there probably won’t be a formal announcement until after the full Council meeting.
  • David is going to be planning recipes for Hassett Hills lamb with Jean Paul. Caroline seems to think its a good idea as well. He can meet Alistair in the Bull later to discuss the rules for the car race.
  • Usha appears to persuade Alistair that playing Dunk the Vet will be a good idea – as long as Dunk the Solicitor is part of it too. Usha also wants Ruth to do a demonstration of salsa dancing at the talent contest.
  • Ed and Fallon get thrown out of a pub for being underage. They are planning to take another car and Fallon wants to drive it through Ambridge. Ed thinks its crazy.
  • Debbie seems to be on top of the harvest but Brian is still worried about the board meeting tomorrow. At least they have another year to run on their contract which should be long enough to convince them its a mistake. Brian is still fed up with Lillian. He know Scott was appalling but he still has to suffer Lillian. The dinner party with Jack and Peggy won’t be much fun either.
  • Usha and Ruth’s salsa practice is going well. It’s more fun than toy cars. The school campaign went well too but they will have to see if they development plan goes as well. The village is more divided on that one.
  • Alistair has noticed there seems to be something going on between Greg and Siobhán. Surely Greg would be too sensible to be taken in by that sort of thing. The Hassett Hills lamb meeting went very well. Caroline was keen on Jean Paul wanting to be involved and wants to feature more local produce on the Grey Gables menu. The car race is going very well. Sid thinks he can put aside almost a quarter of the car park. Alice wants to enter with Brian or Jenny but he thinks its a five minute wonder.
  • Ed and Fallon have decided to drive through Ambridge anyway. He’s going pretty fast and nearly hits William. They hope he didn’t see him but he was looking back their way. He have to avoid him for a couple of days.

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