Scott doesn’t seem so keen on Lilian today and Neil and Betty get their organic certification.

Radio Times: Brenda plans her exit.

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  • Neil and Betty are pleased – they’ve been awarded the organic certification by the Soil Association. Mike couldn’t be more unenthusiastic, suspicious that all it’ll mean is higher prices and fewer customers – especially with the amateurish logo that Susan’s designed. Neil and Betty are unconvinced and are still planning great things (although Ginger the hen is evicted from her box in the kitchen).
  • One thing Mike and Betty are in agreement over, though, is Brenda. She comes in to reveal that she and Scott are going to start looking for something to live. Her parents are shocked, but she’s not listening.
  • Ruth and Alistair are at the council ahead of the meeting to discuss Loxley Barrett school. Janet gives an impassioned speech which might have swayed some of the committee members who vote to recommend that it stays open.
  • Flat-hunting in Borchester is more fun for Brenda than for Scott, she’s full of the joys of looking, while he’s not overly keen to commit to the first things they find. He suggested they adjourn to the pub.
  • The news of the school and the certification is met with happy hearts in the pub – more pleasure than shown to Scott and Brenda, that’s for sure. As people celebrate at the bar, they sit at a table and he asks her to lend him her car for a few days. So he can go to London and sort out a little business. He’s not running away. Honestly.