Scott tries again (and upsets Lilian) – and he’s outstaying his welcome with Roy and Hayley too.

Radio Times: Lilian is no Juliet.

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  • Peggy and Jennifer share their frustrations over Lillian (and the shameless Scott), Debbie’s performance was one they’d have both paid tickets to see. Peggy hastily arranges a dinner party for Jack’s birthday on Friday – will Lillian come? Yes, if Oliver accepts his invitation.
  • Scott, sleeping in until the afternoon, treads on dolly’s head – and creates a tearful Phoebe. There’s not enough lunch for him, though – a family dinner with Mrs A, just enough for four. There might be enough hot water … although Hayley quietly doubts it!!
  • Ed and Fallon are out looking for cars in Borchester. Ed suggested that Eddie aim higher than car boot sales – but wants him involved! Eventually they find a car, break in, and set off. (And almost run over Roy and Hayley!)
  • Scott tries to get back with Lilian – by throwing stones at her window! He had to see her and they hadn’t told her he’d been around. He claims to be missing her – and not her money … but wakes up the house and Jennifer sends him away with a flea in his ear – and the echos of Lilian’s tears.