Scott is outstaying his welcome and Debbie gives him what for, too.

Radio Times: A confrontation on the drive.

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  • Debbie and Brian can’t manoeuvre the combine because a car has been crashed in the ditch. Shula notices its just been dumped, there is no damage. They can’t wait for the police, Brian will just have to tow it out himself.
  • Roy wakes Scott up with the vacuum cleaner at 11.00am. Scott doesn’t think its much of a way to spend the day off. Isn’t he supposed to be meeting Brenda – he’ll just have time to catch the bus.
  • Lillian doesn’t seem to think the talent contest is much of an idea. Brian is still pretty fed up with Debbie and is still getting at Lillian as well. Lillian decides to go to the stables with Shula to get out of the way. Brian wants Lillian to leave. Debbie thinks that because Jennifer isn’t paying him enough attention. Debbie thinks he should be cheered up by some good news on Hassett Hills lamb but that’s not going to make up for losing the Estate contract.
  • Lillian enjoys being around the horses again but doesn’t think she is ready for riding yet. Horses are uncomplicated and they never let you down.
  • Roy rings Debbie to find out if Scott has been around. He didn’t turn up to look at the flats. He also wants to talk about Phoebe but she is very rushed. Then Scott does turn up. He wants to see Lillian. Debbie gives him a piece of her mind – he sponges of her Aunt, runs off a girl half her age and then thinks he can just drop round to see her. Brian has to throw him out. Maybe Scott has just realised living with a poor woman in Borchester might not be such a good idea. Brian gets the feeling they are in for a long haul.

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