Elizabeth still is happy with Beverley and Hayley catches Brenda and Scott in her bed …

Radio Times: Elizabeth drives a wedge between the staff.

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  • Elizabeth has found a couple more of the paintings Lillian liked. She still seems to be having trouble with Beverley.
  • Lillian is still upset about the row with Peggy. Lillian shouldn’t take it so hard. Peggy isn’t going to change at her age. Jennifer thinks she just wants Lillian to be settled and she said it in the wrong way. They are a generation apart after all.
  • Julia has taken the twins out for the day so Hayley is at a loose end. Elizabeth is pleased at how things are going except for Beverley. She is very disappointed with her work. The falconry displays are going well. Hopefully they can become a regular feature. Things seem to be picking up at Grey Gables which is just as well since Roy needs the overtime – especially since they are carrying Scott. Its so hard to see Brenda being used. Elizabeth knows what its like to be taken in by a selfish man. Things just need to be left to take their course.
  • Phoebe is asleep but Hayley is trying to get her out of a daytime sleep – especially with Scott at Nightingale Farm she needs to sleep well at night. Lillian thinks its Brenda’s fault but its very funny that they are thinking about moving in together. She still minds that he was sleeping with Brenda but she doesn’t care if they live together – she knows it won’t last. She’ll only have herself to blame when he leaves her alone in some crummy bedsit with unpaid bills.
  • Scott and Brenda are caught in bed together in Roy and Hayley’s bed. Hayley is furious. She is really let down. Scott promises they will be gone soon.

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