Roy is shocked by his sister and Peggy tells Lilian what she thinks about Scott.

Radio Times: Peggy drives Lilian to distraction.

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  • Brenda has woken up Roy early in the morning washing Scott’s shirt. The load wasn’t even half full which was a real waste of money and why did Brenda have to get up at 4.30. Roy is shocked how much Brenda has changed. She is just a doormat. He’s even taken the milk money. This isn’t working out. Scott is going to have to go. Brenda thinks they are going to get a flat together soon anyway.
  • David tells Ruth Siobhan was practically sitting in Greg’s lap at the Bull. You couldn’t miss it. They have been shaky since the ‘Janet thing’ at Christmas. They don’t do much together anymore. She certainly throws herself into village campaigns. David think they should wait to decide until Susan Carter pronounces.
  • Bert is annoyed now that Joe is going to be a judge so Jolene has had to co-opt Siobhan and Greg.
  • Peggy tells Lillian about the fete while they are having a manicure. Jack is still worried about the docusoap but he has started practising for the talent contest. Peggy has been clearing out the spare room and Lillian thinks its for her but its for Chris and George while the building works at the police house are done.
  • Everything is all set for Debbie to take over the contracting work after harvest. They might need all the contracting they can get after next week’s Board meeting. Ruth has been talking to butchers about the Hassett Hills lamb. The good cuts will be easy to sell but the less popular cuts will be difficult. They need a chef to come up with some good ideas. Maybe Jean Paul would be interested.
  • Lillian is enjoying lunch at the Lodge. She is still pretty fed up but Peggy finally can’t resist telling Lillian what she thinks of Scott. He was just a leech. That sort of thing happens frequently to women of her age. She is very pleased Lillian has snapped out of it. Lillian is furious. How dare Peggy assume her life is over just because she is in her fifties. Peggy has no idea what she and Scott had going. She has no intention of entering the ‘living tomb’ Peggy calls marriage.

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