Eddie’s ornaments are getting more favourable attention, the fete’s planning is coming together and Siobhán is being a little unnecessary with Greg

Radio Times: Hayley wants to drive Scott away.

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  • Jill has been checking the bees. Usha has come round to talk about the fete committee and picks up some gardening advice. The committee is going to be a bit patchy because of the boules match at the Bull. The fete is what the village needs to cheer everyone up.
  • Brenda and Scott have left the flat in a mess again. Why should Hayley and Roy have to clear up after them. They should be on their own so soon after getting married. Roy will talk to Brenda about it.
  • Greg admires Eddie’s ornaments. William seems to be getting on pretty well. The boules match should be good too. Ed and Fallon are going over to Jazzer’s again. Ed thinks they should expand the gardening idea and sell bird tables and things as well. He nearly gets caught out with his car breaking equipment.
  • The fête seems to be beginning to come together. Siobhán thinks a ‘dunk the vicar’ stall would be a good idea. The others think that was rather unsubtle. Hayley tells Jill that Scott is getting worse. Lillian seems a little brighter but Hayley wishes she hadn’t thrown Scott out.
  • The boules match is going well. Ed thinks he a Jolene could do some numbers in the talent contest but she thinks she’ll be too busy. Joe ought to be a judge now he’s a local celebrity. Jolene still think Dross shouldn’t play but she’ll think about it.
  • Siobhán is flirting with Greg. She and Tim seem to have nothing in common anymore. She got married too soon. She thought he might give her some stability. Greg won’t talk about his past though. She think she might ‘give him a try’.

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