Scott wants a car (but not a flat) and Lilian’s getting over it

Radio Times: David gets a driving idea.

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  • Things seem to be going well for David and Ruth. They are nearly ready for harvest and the last meeting of Hassett Hills lamb seemed to go well. They need to get the invitations out for the launch if its going to be mid September. This time they can be quietly confident its really happening.
  • Jennifer is collecting money at the fishing lake. Lillian is very sorry for rushing off last night. Lillian is going to visit Peggy. She says she is not worried about bumping into Scott – there was no substance anyway. But they were together a long time and it will take a while to get over him.
  • Scott persuades Brenda to lend her the car but she won’t bunk off – she is not going to lose his job. They both still seem ‘smitten’.
  • David and Ruth’s holiday snaps have come back. They all look as if they have had a hard time. Thinking about the models they saw, maybe a radio controlled car race would be good fun for the fete.
  • Scott still thinks he has got a future in the cinema. But first of all, Brenda can drive back into Borchester for a Chinese later and then lend him the car for the rest of the week. Brenda wants to start flat hunting but Scott suddenly doesn’t seem so keen.

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