Ed and Fallon are not sticking to the right side of the tracks and Lilian’s not recovering well

Radio Times: Ed shows lots of drive.

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  • Fallon’s trying to buy cigarettes but Betty isn’t having anything to do with it. Brian has been sent out to buy magazines for Lillian – Hayley offers to help! Hayley says Brenda is fine at Nightingale farm. Betty has been very worried. Brenda isn’t a problem but Scott is driving them mad.
  • Ed’s band seems to be doing well. Jazzer thinks its time they did a few gigs and maybe a demonstration CD. Fallon thinks she might be able to get them a slot in the Bull talent competition. Ed and Fallon are off to Borchester with Jazzer to learn ‘a trick’ from Jazzer’s cousin.
  • The hens are going well. It will be another week or so before the eggs are ready for proper selling but the honesty box is going well. Brenda really is fine – she is in love. She seems to be going to work on time. If it weren’t for Brenda they would chuck Scott out tomorrow, he’s a real pain. Surely he’ll get fed up and leave soon.
  • Jennifer tries to get Lillian to show some interest in her birthday but she is very depressed. She doesn’t think the health weekend was a very tactful present either. It’s going to take time getting over it.
  • Ed and Fallon have started joy riding in a car park Borchester. Fallon’s not quite sure but they take the car anyway.
  • Lillian makes it down for supper but Brian’s jibes about her age and her drinking mean she doesn’t stay long. Jennifer is furious but Brian is just going to have to put up with it however long it takes.

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