Jack’s unhappy with the image the film might have taken of Grey Gables and Lilian’s been found in a dreadful state

Radio Times: Jennifer plays the mother hen.

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  • Jack is worrying about the docusoap. Lynda thought it went okay but Jack is shocked to learn she also told the film crew how bad things were at Grey Gables. He hopes the agreement with the company might give him control over the type of programme that is shown. Lynda has noticed that Lillian has been staying in her room and her television has been on all night.
  • Peggy makes it clear she disapproves of Lillian’s behaviour with Scott. She simply wants the best for them all. Jennifer is still reminiscing over her holiday. It was wonderful and Lucas’ family were wonderful. Peggy is still surprised Kate had Nollie christened after all the fuss over Phoebe. Its hard to think they have been back for less than a week.
  • Peggy is trying to tell Jack about the fete but Jack is upset that the contract with the film company doesn’t seem to say anything about the type of programme that will be shown. He had thought it was going to be about the recovery of a country house hotel but they have filmed all sorts of embarrassing things. Jack will be a laughing stock. But Peggy thinks no one will see it anyway.
  • Lynda has called Jennifer to help with Lillian. No one has seen her for over 24 hours. She is in a dreadful state. How can she possibly deal with things if she’s drunk. But she doesn’t want to deal with things. She’s been so lonely. She has never got things right. She hasn’t got anything. She really envies Brian and Jennifer. At least they are still together because they kept trying. Lillian couldn’t trust again after Nick died. She used Ralph’s money to protect herself against loving but it worked rather too well. Jennifer takes her home to Home Farm.

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