Business is booming for Bridge Farm, although Elizabeth is concerned about how Beverly is managing Lower Loxley

Radio Times: Who is the cuckoo?

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  • The salad vegetables in the Bridge Farm polytunnels are looking good for the first veg boxes – even if Helen is insisting on checking on everything herself. Tom spotted Lillian with her toy boy at the Bull. He and Helen think they both made utter fools of themselves. They can’t imagine what Brenda sees in Scott – or Lillian who is better off without him. Tom has certainly learnt his lesson.
  • Elizabeth is still working hard. Julia and Lewis are taking care of the twins while Hayley spends some time with Phoebe. The falconry seems to be popular. Elizabeth’s publicity has done the trick. Beverley still seems to be hopeless in Elizabeth’s eyes. There is hardly any new business for September and October.
  • Debbie is arranging the next Hassett Hills meeting on David’s return from Scarborough. Its all planned but they need to discuss the agenda.
  • Joe thinks Betty’s eggs might go well in the Bridge Farm veg boxes. For the time being it will just be vegetables though. Dross are now practising at Grange Farm. The further away the better from Joe’s perspective. Joe can’t enter the talent contest at the Bull – it wouldn’t be fair on the amateurs now he’s a professional. His show still seems to be going well.
  • Elizabeth has been criticising Beverley to Kathy. Nigel doesn’t think its right to talk to other members of the staff about her. But she has run out of patience. Its their whole livelihood for them but its just a job for Beverley. Its time Elizabeth starts full time work again.
  • David tells Debbie how well the holiday went – especially after the last year. They missed the drama with Lillian and Scott though. The launch of Hassett Hills lamb could be at Home Farm with local butchers and maybe even Radio Borchester could be interested. Debbie is beginning to think the everyday stuff is all she can do. Maybe she should steer clear of strategic thinking. If they do lose the contract they will be in deep trouble.

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