Scott claims to have split from Lilian, while Brian finally catches up with Matt

Radio Times: The lovebirds can be together.

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  • David and Ruth are relaxed and happy enjoying their holiday as David rows Ruth and the kids around the boating lake – Ruth especially is enjoying being a ‘lady of leisure’. They discuss all the things they have done and speculate as to how they might spend the rest of their day.
  • Scott is impatient and snappy with Brenda as she arrives few minutes late for their meeting, accusing her of prioritising her work over him. They are interrupted by Matt Crawford, who is his usual snide self, teasing Brenda about her new work focus. After he goes, Brenda moans about him whilst Scott is busy admiring his flash car. Back to the point in hand, Scott tells Brenda what she wants to hear – how he has finished with Lillian for her, telling Lillian that he cannot bear to be apart from Brenda any longer. However, he has a problem as he didn’t want to stay with Lillian (“that sad old cow”) so now finds himself homeless until his agent can sort some more work for him. The poor man had to shave in the hotel toilets and couldn’t even style his hair! He asks Brenda is he can stay at Willow Farm for a couple of days.
  • David and Ruth are escaping the rain at the arcades with Ruth trying her hand on the ski machine. Ruth gets quite addicted and even talks of a possible skiing holiday in Scotland.
  • Brian finally catches up with Matt Crawford at his office. Matt initially feigns ignorance of why Brian is there but after Brian refuses offers of coffee and won’t indulge in small talk about his holiday Matt gets to the point. The issue of the best way to look after the estate land was brought up under Any Other Business at the board meeting so there was no way of knowing about it in advance. Brian accuses Matt of going against him and whilst Matt claims to have defended Brian in the meeting, he can’t help pointing out the ‘amateurish dealings’ with Borchester Mills. Brian is still suspicious of Matt’s motives.
  • When Brenda goes for the softer option and asks her mum if Scott can stay for a few days, Betty is having none of it and wants to know why he can’t afford a hotel, or find some mates to stay with. Scott interrupts displeasing Betty by smoking in her kitchen and tries to win her around with some serious smooth talking. However, Betty is onto him and puts her foot down. Brenda is upset and says that if Scott can’t stay she won’t stay either and announces that they will both go and stay with Roy and Hayley – as her brother won’t let her down!

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