Matt is avoiding Brian on the estate issues, Greg doesn’t enjoy Helen and Lilian’s sniping

Radio Times: Greg has a bit of a grouse.

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  • Debbie reports on the business. Brian thinks she’s done a good job on her own. But Debbie has to explain they are thinking about bringing in a contracting company to run estate land. Brian is furious. He’s going to find out what is going on.
  • Jack is still trying to persuade Greg to be in the film. Lillian has had Scott’s Harley taken away. There will be fireworks when he gets back so Jack hopes the film company will be gone by then. The interview is a little stilted – Greg explains how bad business is – much to Jack’s consternation.
  • Matt isn’t returning Brian’s calls. He’s made an appointment to see him tomorrow. Mat loves having Brian jumping to his tune. He didn’t think things could get any worse. He didn’t have any choice about exposing Matt but he should never have given into Debbie’s scheme. Her decision making powers are very poor. He regrets going on holiday now.
  • Scott is trying to get into Lillian’s room. Jack tells him Lillian has moved and has refused to allow him the key. She has had his things packed and his Harley Davidson removed. She has also cancelled his bar tab.
  • Greg and Helen are waiting for the others for the pub quiz. Lillian joins them. Helen should go for Greg – or isn’t he her type. Helen thinks Lillian is brave to turn up but Lillian doesn’t care what other people think. Helen has a lot to learn about men. Brian turns up followed by Scott. Greg makes them both go outside. Scott tries to make excuses. Doesn’t Lillian know what she is throwing away. Does she think he enjoyed being with her – it was just the money.

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