Elona moves in. Kylie prepares to visit. Harry is visiting Zofia.

Radio Times: Jennifer tries to make the peace and Tony’s anxieties increase.

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  • Assured that Cliff has the electrical problem at the market site under control, Brian still has to go there himself! Jennifer is hoping to have a happy family dinner when Debbie comes at the end of the week; Brian is clearly not keen on the idea. Anyway he doesn’t yet know when Debbie is coming.
  • As she serves Lilian and observes that Elona is moving in across the Green, Susan expresses surprise that Elona can afford the rent – and where is her husband? Lilian moves the conversation to Harry, who went to Poland at the weekend to visit Zofia.
  • Jennifer gives Tony a brace of pheasants as a peace offering but they not well received. He gets in a dig about families pulling together – which his family is doing to resolve their difficulties but Jennifer had nothing to offer in their hour of need.
  • Susan gets a call from Kylie. She is definitely coming to the funeral but doesn’t want to travel back again on Thursday. Susan is delighted to offer overnight accommodation as well as Neil’s services as a taxi driver from the station.
  • Predictably Brian’s intervention was superfluous. Another email from Debbie announces that she will arrive on Friday morning, go straight to the BL meeting, then go straight back to the airport afterwards. Brian’s pleasure is thinly disguised. Jennifer is disappointed: her plan is thwarted.
  • Tony enlists Lilian’s intervention about their mum’s birthday lunch. Peggy will be arranging the seating plan and Tony really doesn’t want to be stuck next to Jennifer. Lilian will try. No promises.

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