Brenda joins the Bridge Farm inner circle and the re-launch begins.

Radio Times: Brenda offers her expertise. Meanwhile a new resident arrives in Ambridge.

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  • Fascinating though piggy videos must be, Tom and Brenda manage to tear themselves away long enough to greet their new neighbour, Elona. Brenda thoroughly approves and Tom, though his praise is fainter, does too. Now they must prepare for a meeting at Bridge Farm to which, this time, Brenda has been invited.
  • Elona’s next welcome comes from Peggy. She has brought a small moving-in present and a question for Elona: does she think it would be too much for Jack if she took him to the Remembrance Service at church on Sunday?
  • Before their meeting, Pat reports on an encouraging contact from a dairy customer. He had seen the piggy football videos, was amused but clearly had made the connection to Bridge Farm – just to make it clear to Tom that the association is not so easily thrown off.
  • Peggy leaves Elona in her perfect house; she thinks the family will be very happy. As for Jack, she recommends a quiet, private visit to the war memorial on Friday; church would be too much for him – too long and too many people.
  • The Bridge Farm meeting is wrapped up to the satisfaction of all. Brenda is actioned to get things moving and, let no-one be under any illusions, it’s a complete re-launch they are planning, not just re-branding. Pat and Tony conclude that it went really well: there were some great ideas and no rows.
  • Pat intends to go to Ivy Horrobin’s funeral tomorrow but Tony will be too busy. Tony fears a lively wake with The Bull full of well-oiled Horrobins: like putting half a dozen ferrets in a sack – the fur will fly.

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