At Ivy’s funeral, Clive’s reunion with his daughter does not go well.

Radio Times: It’s a stressful day for Susan and feelings are running high at The Bull.

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  • The Horrobin clan are gathered for Ivy’s funeral. Susan has taken Kylie under her wing; she has met most of the family, with the notable exception of Clive, her dad; Susan assures her that he is here somewhere. She is interested in meeting Pat and Tony if they are here. Clive noticed Susan taking to a young girl and later confirms with Susan that it was Kylie; he will talk to her – but not yet.
  • Later, in The Bull, Clive does indeed talk to Kylie, interrupting her conversation with Pat. Why, in all those years, was there no contact; if he had nothing to say then, what has he got to say now. Kylie makes it clear that she has her own life and family, her mum and step dad, who has always been there for her – the only dad she has known. If Clive thinks he can just stroll back into her life, he has another think coming. Misguidedly, Clive shows her her Nan’s rings, which he claims have been left to him; he is keeping them for Kylie. She interprets this as an attempt to buy her back with rings that shouldn’t be his anyway. She never wants to see him again. Susan is cross that Clive has upset Kylie and she understands very well how he got round his father to get the rings. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. It ends up in a shouting match in which Susan accuses Clive of hastening his mother’s death; she tells him to get out and not to come near their father or the village again.

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