Brian’s bullying tactic comes back to bite him. Debbie is furious with him.

Radio Times: Brian is ambushed and Kylie makes a clear decision.

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  • It’s the day of the BL Board meeting, for which Debbie has flown in to present her dairy proposal. Before the meeting Debbie seeks a clear assurance from Brian that Adam is on-side. In response she gets some weasel words to the effect that there is nothing to worry about.
  • Susan is still annoyed and upset about Clive and his antics with the rings; she will never again believe a word he says. Kylie has thought about the events of yesterday and decided not to have any further contact with Clive. As for Susan, although she was upset when she stormed at Clive, she meant every word.
  • The case for the dairy scheme is put with Debbie’s usual thoroughness. Under Annabelle’s chairmanship (because Brian has an interest) board members probe the potential drawbacks. In particular they have heard that Adam Macy is not entirely happy, indeed is positively opposed to the whole idea; there would be no advantage in an estate-only scheme but they would not want to go ahead with a partner who is not 100% committed. Brian tries to dismiss it as a family disagreement but they decide on a deferment until 5th January; that should give Brian time enough to resolve things, shouldn’t it!
  • Kylie was glad to have met Pat again and she tells Susan a bit about her family: she has a teenage brother now and a step dad who loves her. To Neil, Susan confides that walking out on Sharon and Kylie all those years ago was the best thing Clive has ever done.
  • Debbie is furious with Brian when he explains that his approach was to steam-roller it through on the basis that he and Debbie were in the majority and would go ahead regardless of Adam’s view. So he hasn’t sorted it, he has made it worse; without Adam on board the whole project is now dead in the water.

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