Peggy enjoys her birthday. Brian, Tony, James and Leonie fail to enjoy Peggy’s birthday.

Radio Times: It is Peggy’s birthday and family conflicts are brewing.

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  • It seems to be the day for grumpy men in Ambridge. Brian is still seething at Lilian’s treachery over the mega-dairy project, and Tony is full of glowering resentment over Jennifer’s failure to support the failing dairy. Peggy’s 87th birthday lunch seems doomed from the start as family ties come under strain.
  • Another relationship appears to be falling apart. James and Leonie arrives, with Leonie in a foul mood and being barely polite. Tony is put next to them at table, and finds it impossible to deflect Leonie’s intention of coming to Bridge Farm to ‘research’ another chapter of their book.
  • Brian manages to avoid speaking to Lilian, but is still angry at Adam’s refusal to back down. Determined to restore some harmony to the family, Jennifer goes outside in an attempt to talk Tony round. She makes little progress, even after telling him that they, too, have business problems.
  • Oblivious to the ever-widening cracks in family relationships, Peggy tells Jennifer how much she has enjoyed herself. It is lovely to see her family together and getting on so well.

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