Caroline gives Lynda food for thought. Susan gives her family sustenance and Pat much food for thought.

Radio Times: Caroline gives Lynda food for thought and Neil is concerned for Susan.

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  • At Grey Gables Caroline comes across Lynda, who is upset after a row with Derek Fletcher over her Christmas show. Lynda realises there is just not enough talent in Ambridge, and not enough support. Caroline has a bright idea; turn the show into a cabaret, with the audience at small tables, and offer seasonal food from around the world.
  • Tom is on one of his rolls after securing an appointment with an account manager to discuss the new brand. Pat tries to share his enthusiasm, but her spirits are still low after the difficulties of Peggy’s birthday party.
  • Susan has spent her weekend cooking for Gary and Bert. She tells Pat how much she likes Kylie, and what a close family she has. Pat knew nothing of Kylie’s half brother, but Susan’s mention of him arouses her interest.
  • After giving Caroline’s idea some thought, Lynda’s creative flow is again fully unblocked and she is full of enthusiasm for the idea. She tries to engage Tom in a discussion about Norwegian sausages, but he manages to escape.
  • Neil tries to make Susan see that she has no time to look after her family. He has seen Gary on the Green, and is sure he could manage to make a meal for his father. Susan refuses to listen. She is happy to do it because it is for her mum.
  • Pat calls at the Post Office and asks Susan for more details about Kylie’s brother. On hearing that he is thirteen, Pat becomes suddenly thoughtful.

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