Nic makes a big decision. Brian tries to force a big decision.

Radio Times: David receives an unexpected invitation and Nic makes her choice.

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  • David’s evening milking is interrupted by Brian, who wants to sound him out as NFU Chairman about possible reactions to the mega-dairy plan.
  • Clarrie makes her menfolk’s evening meal early, because she is going round to see Nic. Joe is in grumpy mood because he needs help with the cider tomorrow, and since Jim’s move into Christine’s house, he thinks Jim might not turn up. Joe’s mood is not improved when Clarrie mentions Oliver’s plan to vaccinate badgers. In Joe’s day they had other methods of containing TB.
  • In the privacy of Brookfield, Brian unveils his plan. David is taken aback, and rather feebly tries to put forward the welfare case, but Brian sweeps it all aside. He wants David to turn Brookfield’s arable over to food for the BL herd.
  • Nic has narrowed her choice of dress to two, and has settled on Cape Verde for the honeymoon. Clarrie loves both dresses, and finally Nic makes her choice. Clarrie will alter the dress if necessary. The two enjoy a glass or two of wine.
  • The subject of badgers and controlling TB is hotly argued in The Bull. Brian arrives to meet David, as arranged, and comments that vaccination is better for PR than culling. He then takes David aside and tries to get him to agree to supplying BL; it will be a long-term contract with guaranteed prices. David finds it hard to stand up to Brian, but tells him he will speak to Ruth and only then will Brian get an answer.

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