Ruth makes her point. Eddie makes a purchase. Joe and his helpers make cider.

Radio Times: Ruth makes her feelings known. Meanwhile, Elizabeth racks her brains.

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  • Eddie and Joe are cheerful as they prepare the apples for Scrumpy making, though Joe is anxious about the lack of helpers. Eddie has his eye on some holly for the Christmas trade. Eddie mentions his forthcoming thirtieth wedding anniversary. He thinks Clarrie deserves a treat. Eventually Jim arrives to help so Eddie disappears.
  • Elizabeth and the children call at the stables to wish Daniel a belated happy 17th birthday. The twins go out to and see the horses and Elizabeth tells Shula that she is busy with Deck the Hall and an antiques fair, but is anxious about the twins’ first birthday without Nigel. Shula suggests getting Freddie a pony; Elizabeth thinks it is a brilliant idea, and Shula offers to help Elizabeth find one.
  • Ruth is absolutely furious when she hears about Brian’s mega dairy plan. She thinks Brian is a hypocrite and it goes against everything Brookfield stands for. Weakly David offers a defence, but Ruth is not prepared to listen. When David mentions Brian’s offer of supplying fodder it’s the final straw for Ruth, who angrily refuses point bank. David thinks they can’t afford to turn him down and retreats to the safety of the cider making.
  • Eddie finally returns, pleased because he has successfully bid online for a pearl necklace as a wedding anniversary present for Clarrie. Jim offers helpful classical allusions.
  • Elizabeth tells Lily about F’s pony. He’ll love it – but it must be a secret. Seizing the moment, Lily asks if she can go on the school trip to Paris as her present. Her mother agrees and Lily is delighted.
  • David is cool when he returns, and Ruth apologises for her outburst, but will not back down. David says he is relieved. He will tell Brian there is no deal. Meanwhile, Ruth has managed to speak to a milk buyer who was interested in their milk and gave Ruth a number to ring. David is impressed, though they both realise they will have to get out of their present contract.

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