Susan is forced to ask for help. Pat is forced to accept a major change

Radio Times: Pat’s thoughts are elsewhere and Neil is insistent.

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  • Neil catches Susan doing all Bert and Gary’s washing. He points out that she has more than enough to do already and will wear herself out. A tearful Susan points out that her dad can’t do it and Gary simply won’t. Neil thinks the other family members should rally round. Rather reluctantly, Susan agrees to ring them all.
  • An unusually cheerful Tony witters on about ordering a Grundy turkey for Christmas as he and Pat await the return of Tom and marketing expert Brenda from their meeting about the brand relaunch. Pat’s thoughts are elsewhere, and she barely answers Tony.
  • At the dairy, Susan tells Pat about her problems in caring for Bert and Gary.
  • Tom and Brenda return with mixed news. While they will be able to access excellent help with packaging design and marketing, HEFF feel that the organic tag is no longer a plus point. Customers will pay a premium for locally sourced products, but HEFF advise playing down the organic tag.
  • Susan manages to contact her siblings. As she thought, Tracey’ has domestic problems so is not able to help, but Keith and Stuart have agreed to discuss the situation. She promises Neil that she will make her brothers do their share, but she does wish her mum was there.
  • Tony tries to cheer Pat up, but her mind is on other things. Tom’s news has upset her, and she really has no wish to talk about it.

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