Pat shares her suspicions with Kathy. Ruth shares her good news with David.

Radio Times: Kathy cannot believe what she hears, while Ruth is feeling optimistic.

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  • David sets off to tell Brian they have decided to turn his offer down leaving Ruth to deal with the herd. Ruth’s mother rings, but Ruth is too busy to speak to her about Christmas arrangements, though she seems to have time to launch another blistering attack on Brian’s great scheme.
  • As plans for Lynda’s Christmas extravaganza get underway, she enlists Kathy’s help with cooking. Then Kathy gets a call from Pat, who sounds upset and asks if she can call round later.
  • David is somewhat economical with the truth when he turns Brian down. Far from relaying Ruth’s savage condemnation of all Brian stands for, David meekly says they have decided not to be locked into any long-term contract. Brian accepts it with remarkably good grace, and just asks David to sound out NFU opinion. David thinks Brian may well end up with a fight on his hands.
  • An upset Pat tells Kathy about Rich and her suspicion that he may be John’s child. Kathy is taken aback, but calmly suggests that Pat should put it out of her mind and concentrate on her business. Pat seems to agree, but she still finds it hard to stop thinking about it.
  • David returns to learn that Ruth has some good news. The dairy Processor she spoke to wants them to pitch for a contract. It will mean submitting their details and a business plan. Ruth is sure they can do it. She opens a bottle to celebrate.

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