Pat tells Tony she thinks Rich is John’s son and he tells her to let it go.

Radio Times: It is Stir Up Sunday. Meanwhile, Pat shares her thoughts.

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  • Lynda is trying to convince people to join her Christmas entertainment and even gets Will sounding interested at the thought of food. In exchange, Will persuades her that she and Robert should go to The Bull on Monday to celebrate Eddie and Clarrie’s wedding anniversary. Plans are afoot with Jolene.
  • It’s Stir Up Sunday at Keeper’s Cottage. Jake, Mia and George have a good time. “The Dress” is due to be delivered to Clarrie in the week and the children are also going to help making the wedding cake.
  • Pat finally tells Tony that she thinks Rich might be John’s son. He tells her it’s completely unlikely and she should put it out of her mind. She so wants it to be true and she just shouldn’t revisit it.
  • Lynda persuades Pat and Tony to provide some cheese for the “Entertainment”. Tony, rather unusually, is enthusiastic and sees it as an opportunity to make more people taste it.

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