Pat makes the sensible decision to tell Susan about her suspicions because Susan will obviously keep a secret.

Radio Times: Pat tries to increase her knowledge, while Clarrie and Eddie celebrate.

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  • Eddie is impressed with Clarrie’s wedding cake design. And then he gives her his present. Real pearls. Clarrie is worried they are a dodgy deal but he got them on eBay so they must be right.
  • Susan is struggling with coping with Bert and Gary and the family still aren’t helping. They didn’t even turn up to the meeting. But she is determined they must do their bit. Susan manages to blurt out about the “do” at The Bull for Clarrie and Eddie but Pat and Tony haven’t been invited.
  • Pat’s visit to Susan turns out to have an ulterior motive – she tells Susan as well that she thinks Rich is John’s son. Susan is as sceptical as Kathy and Tony but Pat is still convinced. Susan is quite shocked at the idea that Pat might upset them after all this time. She promises she won’t breathe a word (yeah, right!).
  • Brookfield doesn’t get the supermarket contract after all. They probably shouldn’t be surprised but it is disappointing. Why did they even bother to ask for the pitch? But at least they said they would keep their details on file. Eddie thinks they are well out of the deal, and it’s clear he has no idea about the party at The Bull.
  • Susan makes her first stab at keeping a secret by telling Neil about Pat’s suspicions. She even thinks she might ring Kylie and ask her about when Sharon and her step dad got married. Neil is horrified. The chances are Kylie will know if it is true and has been sworn to secrecy – she shouldn’t even think about it.
  • Clarrie and Eddie turn up in The Bull and they are playing Clarrie’s Song. There is even a banner made by Fallon. And champagne. Clarrie can’t believe it! Looks like they are having a party.

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